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Most Frequent Questions: about pearls

Ok, these pearls look really beautiful, is there a certificate you can provide?

Are these pearls genuine?

I do not have a sufficient knowledge about pearls and I do not know what to buy?

What type of pearls do you use to make these jewelries?

Are the pendants silver or gold plated?

The pendant necklaces you have, are those just pendants or they come with a chain?

I see some rings' descriptions say the metal is 925 sterling silver but the rings' color is gold?

I see for some pendant necklaces descriptions the metal is 925 sterling silver and 14k or 18k gold, so what is the material of the product?


How long does it take to receive the item in the US?

Do you ship outside the US?

Most Frequent Questions: about natural gemstones

Are all of your gemstone 100% natural?

Your products are expensive, I can get natural gem jewelry with the same price of your diffused once or the lab-created once.?