Different colors/shapes of pearls

Pearls whether cultured or natural are found in many different colors, however, sometimes it depends on the type of pearl itself. It is well-known that the most famous and precious type of pearl is the white one, but it is not always the case because it relies also on the type of pearl. The most common pearl’s colors are white, gold/yellow, pink, black and cream. However, pearls can have two different colors at the same time. This happens when some light hits the pearl’s surface and reflects over, in this case and for instance, the main color of the pearl is white but after light reflection you may observe pink color as well. Other different colors that can be found as well are blue, champagne, green.

The most precious shape of pearl is the exact/perfect round. Despite the availability of different shapes of pearl, the perfect round is still the most valuable and desirable one. The shapes that are available in addition to the exact round are semi-round, rice shape, potato shape and the bread shape or irregular shape. However, as much as the shape of a pearl is close to be perfectly rounded as much as the value goes higher.

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