Sakina means the spirit of tranquility. This name mentioned in Quran several times for its significance. It is the name of the business owner as it is the brand name. We are dedicated team specialized in fine jewelry. Our goal is to develop a jewelry store where you can find high quality fine jewelry. We manufacture high quality real gemstone jewelry that are masterfully crafted with gold and diamond. Gemstones we use are Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Tanzanite, Topaz, Citrine, Tourmaline, and Amethyst.

We provide valuable information through valid articles about jewelry from accredited institution like GIA. In this case, customers will acquire good knowledge about jewelry and about what they are buying specifically. This is a great idea to eliminate confusions and understand what is natural and what is lab created. Many sellers on other platforms sell very low-quality fashion jewelry as natural but they are lab created. Also, they sell the gold-plated as solid gold. It is very important to know that natural gemstone like Emerald is very valuable and you can resell it in the future, but lab created or diffused one, is not. All our gemstones jewelry are 100% real.

We are an established trusted brand that you can trust and find exactly what you want. All our gemstones we use to make our jewelry are 100% real. We do have very high-quality jewelry and we do believe we can guarantee your satisfaction. We adapt high values and respect to our work and customers. If you are not satisfied you can return for full refunds. Also, we guarantee our products, if you buy our jewelry and you prove that it is not natural or real, we will refund you five times the price you paid.